About CP-DCM

CP-DCM stands for “Certified Professional – DevOps Continuous Monitoring” certification prepared and honored by Agile Testing Alliance.


  • Understand Need and importance of Continuous monitoring in the DevOps Lifecycle
  • Understanding the difference between Alerting v/s Trending and importance of dealing with false positives
  • Implementing Blackbox monitoring or Probing – Basic monitoring of small and/or static systems, using Nagios and Prometheus
  • Using Grafana for visualization
  • Understanding and implementing Alert Management
  • Whitebox monitoring or Probing using Prometheus and Grafana, coverage for a sample SpringBoot application, docker and Kubernetes
  • Tools coverered – Nagios, Prometheus, Grafana, Docker, Kubernetes, Springboot
  • Comparision summary with other DevOps Continuous Monitoring tools

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